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If we’re going to be new best friends, we should get to know each other.

Wet Nose Digital is a boutique & mobile marketing agency. We spend our time between Gananoque and Ottawa, Ontario. As a small business, we strive to bring great digital tools to other small businesses to help them succeed. We combine great marketing campaigns with tools like web design and video production to get small businesses online and connecting with customers. 

We provide web design and digital marketing services that are affordable and effective for small, local businesses. We take the frustration and fear out of digital with education. We take the time to explain tactics and strategies so that you, the client, feels in control. We are an agency you can actually meet face-to-face with.

We’re local, just like you.

Long story short(ish)

I was born and raised in Gananoque and caught the entrepreneurial bug early, starting my own online horse stable directory at 13 years old.  Since then I have worked in many industries and jobs, mostly small, local businesses which gave me some great insight into the world of business. This wasn’t the Hollywood, fortune 500, go on vacation 150 days of the year and still make millions business world. This was the learn how to cook crêpes in 20 minutes because the cook called in sick, scrub the sink grout with a toothbrush when it’s slow, go from assistant who watches to technician who does the actual work overnight because someone got injured, kind of business world. It’s hard, it’s wonderful, and it’s about stepping up. (those are all true stories by the way.) 

When it comes to running small businesses, I owned an animal massage business here in Ontario and in Vancouver, have had money-making hobbies that often involved some kind of jewelry design, and have created an online teaching platform for yoga teachers with a business partner, among other things. I also attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology in B.C. and received a diploma in Marketing Management in the Communications stream. I continue to learn and stay up-to-date with industry trends and skills by attending events, taking workshops and courses, and listening to every marketing podcast I can get my hands on.

My experience, teamed with my formal education, have helped me create Wet Nose Digital and help other small businesses grow.

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